On me

My name is Marta and I live near Lake Garda with my three daughters and dog Hiro.
For at least fifteen years my passion has been macramé: I make jewellery, mainly bracelets, and rope household items.

Macramè is an ancient art of fabric manufacturing which consists in knotting a series of threads without the aid of hooks or needles.

When I work, I imagine that each knot represents a link with something: with this ancient artisan technique, with the people who surround us and make our lives special, with nature, its splendid landscapes, colors and living beings.

I believe that when you have a special bond you always want to carry it with you: a bracelet is a perfect and simple object to keep the people, the places, the emotions to which you are tied close.

In addition to the online shop, I participate in markets and events, I also hold workshops during which I teach the main knots and how to make the first macramé works. My courses are aimed at everyone and the result is guaranteed! If you want to participate in a course or organize one, do not hesitate to contact me here or by sending an email to reefknotco@gmail.com

I hope you enjoy my work and the stories it tells!

Macramé Dream Catcher Workshop

The dream catcher is an instrument often associated with the indigenous people of North America and has a particular symbolic meaning. According to legend, in fact, the external circle represents the Universe, the dream catcher net serves to retain positive dreams, while the negative ones are sucked into the central hole which returns them to the Universe. The dream catcher must be placed on the wall behind the headboard of the bed: thanks to the ropes that descend from the circle, the dreams captured by the spider web will slide onto the person sleeping in that bed.
During this workshop we will make a dream catcher together starting from cotton cords and a bamboo circle, using the main macramé knots.


Saturday 8 June from 3.30pm to 5.30pm.


The workshop will be held on the porch of my lab in Lonato del Garda.


€40.00 EUR including all materials

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Workshop Specchio a macramè

Durante questo workshop impareremo la lavorazione circolare a macramè, la stessa utilizzata nella realizzazione di mandala, sottopiatti e centrotavola.

Creeremo insieme una cornice decorativa per uno specchio d'arredo rustico ed originale.

Potrai scegliere i colori più in sintonia con lo spazio in cui posizionerai lo specchio, e creare con le tue mani un pezzo unico e personalizzato.


Sabato 11 maggio dalle 15.30 alle 18.30.


Il workshop si terrà nel portico del mio lab a Lonato del Garda.


€ 50 comprensivo di tutti i materiali

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