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Reef Knot

Purple agate bracelet and amethyst chips

Purple agate bracelet and amethyst chips

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Bracelet with matte effect purple agate beads and amethyst chips, adjustable closure.
Purple Agate is a stone that promotes compassion and acceptance of ourselves and others.
Wearing purple agate helps us improve our interpersonal relationships, in fact it increases empathy and attention towards others.

This bracelet has a minimal design to leave the main role to the agate stones with its typical streaks in different shades of color and matte finish. Tiny amethyst chips give a further touch of light to the bracelet.

You can wear it alone or pair it with other cord or semi-precious stone bracelets.
Reef Knot bracelets are super comfortable and resistant because they are made with quality material, especially the waterproof polyester cord is practically indestructible (trying is believing!).

▼ Available in three different sizes: L (diameter 22cm) M (19cm) and S (16cm), the closure is adjustable by a sliding knot (see photo) to ensure a perfect fit.

▼ Diameter of the beads: 6mm

▼ Polyester lanyard, water resistant. Does not stain or bleed.

▼ Without metal components.

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