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Reef Knot

Buddha bracelet Coral bamboo

Buddha bracelet Coral bamboo

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Coral is one of the five sacred stones for Tibetan Buddhists and symbolizes life force energy, and is connected to the root chakra.
In Buddhism the influence of coral is believed to be generally good, in Tibet and Nepal they see it as a good investment, and they believe that the person wearing it will be successful in life. It is believed to have protective qualities and is therefore often used to paint sacred buildings.
In China coral is a symbol of longevity, it is worn as a good luck charm and to attract pleasant dreams.

Job's Tears is a tropical plant belonging to the GraminAcee family. Its seeds have a very characteristic and oval shape that recalls the shape of a drop and their use is also used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine.

This bracelet combines the protective and beneficial effects of semi-precious stones with the natural and vital element of seeds, with a simple and elegant design.

The closure is adjustable via a sliding knot to adapt perfectly to any wrist, and allows you to put it on or take it off at any time.

You can wear it alone or pair it with other cord or semi-precious stone bracelets.

Reef Knot bracelets are super comfortable and resistant because they are made with high quality material, especially the waterproof polyester cord is practically indestructible (try to believe!)

▼ The closure is adjustable with a sliding knot (see photo) to ensure a perfect fit.

▼ Diameter of the beads: 6mm

▼ Polyester lanyard, water resistant. Does not stain or bleed.

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