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Reef Knot

Black Onyx bracelet

Black Onyx bracelet

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Bracelet with black onyx pearls, adjustable closure.
Black onyx is a stone with protective properties: it keeps negative events and energies away and thus facilitates the achievement of personal goals.
Wearing a black onyx bracelet helps us maintain balance in everyday situations, avoiding mental confusion due to too many thoughts or doubts.

This bracelet has a minimal design to leave the leading role to the luminous, perfectly black and round onyx pearls.
You can wear it alone or pair it with other cord or semi-precious stone bracelets.
Reef Knot bracelets are super comfortable and resistant because they are made with high quality material, especially the waterproof polyester cord is practically indestructible (trying is believing!).

▼ Available in three different sizes L (diameter 22cm) M (19cm) and S (16cm), the closure is adjustable with a sliding knot (see photo) to ensure a perfect fit and the possibility of putting on and taking off the bracelet without problems.

▼ Diameter of the beads: 6mm

▼ Polyester lanyard, water resistant. Does not stain or bleed.
Without metal components.

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