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Reef Knot

Rudraksha bracelet and hard stones (+ colors)

Rudraksha bracelet and hard stones (+ colors)

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Rudraksha is the name given to a seed that comes from the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus tree. It is a word that comes from Sanskrit and means "tear of Shiva", because according to a Hindu myth, rudraksha are derived from the tears of the god Shiva.

While not crystals, Rudraksha have several beneficial properties: they promote creation, fertility and vital energies. We like to think of Rudraksha as living beings capable of giving renewed vitality and high levels of soul healing. All the chakras in our spine align and activate when we decide to benefit from the properties of Rudrsksha. Any blockage or misstep in the chakra sequences can throw off balance and make you feel at odds with yourself.
Wearing a Rudraksha bracelet is a great way to relax your mind and allow your spirit to heal. Through internal healing, we can become more aware of our surroundings and give ourselves the support we need.
This bracelet combines the protective and beneficial effects of semi-precious stones with the natural and vital element of seeds, with a simple and elegant design.

The closure is adjustable via a sliding knot to adapt perfectly to any wrist, and allows you to put it on or take it off at any time.

NB. This listing is for one bracelet only... You can wear it alone or pair it with other cord or semi-precious stone bracelets.

Reef Knot bracelets are super comfortable and resistant because they are made with high quality material, especially the waterproof polyester cord is practically indestructible (try to believe!)

▼ The closure is adjustable with a sliding knot (see photo) to ensure a perfect fit.

▼ Diameter of the beads: 6mm

▼ Polyester lanyard, water resistant. Does not stain or bleed.

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